(Special correspondence of FIRE AND WATER.)

SAN FRANCISCO, CAL., October 12, 1899.

Chief Graham, of Toronto, Ont,, Canada was dismissed by a vote of eleven to ten at a meeting of the city council held on October 2. The report on which the council acted reads as follows:

The board beg to report that they have arrived at the conclusion that the fire department of the city is not in an efficient condition at the present time, and that it is absolutely necessary in the public interest that a thorough and complete reorganization should take place at once, and being of opinion that it is impossible to reorganize the department with the present chief at its head, the board have dismissed Mr. Thomas Graham, the chief of the department, and now beg to report such dismissal to the council. Owing to the facts as stated above, such a step was felt to be unavoidable. The brigade is by no means in the efficient state it should be. Who will succeed Mr. Graham (for whom some other position will probably be found by the city) is not yet known.

The axe has fallen on another Canadian chief. In the city of W innipeg.Manitoba, Chief Rodgers received his walking papers from the council.

A large number of aspirants for the position are anxiously awaiting the selection of a new chief, including former Chief Range, of Minneapolis, who is spoken of as a possible successor.

The convention of Pacific coast fire chiefs was really one of the most important features of exhibition week at Westminster, B.C. This convention is held annually at various cities throughout the coast.and at it gather the principal fire fighters of not only the Pacific coast, but as far east as Calgary.This year the convention was attended by representatives from Alberta, Idaho, Washington,Oregon,and British Columbia who compared notes on the most effective methods of fighting fire and a great deal of valuable information was gathered. As the chief of the Spokane fire department stated at a banquet given in honor of the visiting chiefs, something new can be learned in every town visited and the experience gained from theconvention at Westminster has been of great aid to the chiefs in giving them new ideus. The convention opened in the Pythian hull on Tuesday, October 3, President Cook, assistant chief of Seattle, in the chair. Mayor Ovens, who in former days “ran with the old machine,” welcomed the chiefs and told some of his early experiences ns a fire fighter. Chief Densy, of Victoria; Chief Carlisle, of Vancouver; former Chief Thos. Ackerman and Chief McPhee of Westminster, were among the speakers At the afternoon session Mayor Redfern, of Victoria was present and made some encouraging remarks. Mayors Ovens, of Westminster, Redfern, of Victoria, and Garden, of Vancouver, were made honorary members of the association At the evening session the secretary, Mr. H. W Bringlmrst, of Seattl”, read a paper on acetylene gas by Inspector McDevitt of Philadelphia, and in the discussion that followed Chief Myers, of Spokane, A ash., recommended lock valves for the machines and iron chests on rollers to hold carbide. A committee was also appointed totnke up the matter of carbide and draw up resolutions to present to theconvention. Chief Clark, of t orvallis, Oregon, and Fire Inspector J. L. Johnson, of the C. P. R. were elected honorary members, and Assistant Chief Watson, of Westminster, was elected an active member

At the Wednesday meeting Chief Densy read a paper on “Our fire service, ’ and a talk followed on building inspection nnd regulations desirable to put into effect in retard to buildings.

Former Chief Ackerman brought up the matter of turning in false alarms for test purposes, and expressed his disapproval of this, and Chief Myers agreed with him, but Chief Sherwood, of New Whatcom, Wash., thought there might be circumstances wherein for practice or public demonstration test alarms might serve a useful purpose A visit was paid to Vaucouverin the afternoon, the visitors being the guests of Chief Carlisle.

A promit ent feature of Thursday was the firemen’s tournament in the monrng on Columbia street.

On Thursday evening the association fixed upon Spokane as the next place of meeting, the date being the first Tuesday in October, 1900.


The election of officers resulted ns follows:

President. Chief Densy, Victoria, B. C ; treasurer, Chief Poyns, Tacoma, Wash ; vice-presidents, Chief McPhee, Westminster B. 0 ; Chief Carlisle, Vancouver, lb C ; Chief Guthrie. Iiossland; liief Mierwood, New Whatcom; Chief Myers, Spokane; Chief Kellog, Seattle; Chief Clark, Corvallis; Chief Stockton, Astoria; Chief Campbell, Portland ; t liief Moore Los Angeles; Chief Brew, Pocatello Idaho; Chief Mentrum, Anaconda, Mont.; Chief Stuart Calgary; secretary W . H. Bringhurst. Seattle; It F.Diummond

Wesiminster; Aid. Stewart, Vidoiia. and W H Keary, of Westminster, were elected honoiary members. A banquet at the Hotel Gtiichon was held later in the evening. Judge Bole presiding. Mayor Ovens, of Westminster Aid. Stewart, of Victoria, and Aulay Morrison, M. P , and Mr. Shaker Forster, were among the guests.

On Friday the visiting chiefs were given a trip on the Westminster ferry, and had an opportunity of testing the immensely powerful tire pumps with which the vessel is fitted.

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