Pacific Coast Chiefs Issue Treatise

Pacific Coast Chiefs Issue Treatise

Although modestly termed the Proceedings of the Thirty-fifth Annual Convention of the Pacific Coast Association of Fire Chiefs, the printed volume containing the papers presented and the report of the various meetings, really constitutes a compilation of the latest ideas in fire-fighting and fire prevention.

Within its three hundred pages is up-to-the-minute information on the trend of the times. Fire-fighting does not stand still. With each new change in living conditions or the introduction of some device to bring more comfort or enjoyment, there are brought new problems for the fire chief to face. The compilation of facts presents current treatment of important problems.

J. E. Mackie, manager and secretary, Pacific Coast Building Officials’ Conference has an article on “The New Building Code.” Other valuable articles are, “Selling the Fire Department to the Public Through the Bureau of Public Relations,” by Chief Ralph Scott of Los Angeles; “Handling and Storage of Film,” by Capt. V. E. Pieriet; “Fire Prevention Educational Work,” by F. W. Roberts, fire marshal, Portland, Ore.; “Cleaning and Dyeing Establishments,” by Jay W. Stevens, fire marshal of California; “Making a Fire and Water Report,” by L. S. Bush, fire prevention engineer; “Fire Fighting Above Ladder Heights,” by Chief George Mantor, Seattle; “Effective Methods of Fire Prevention Inspection,” by Chief Edward Grenfell, Portland, Ore.; “Fighting Oil Fires,” by V. M. Dupuy, fire protection engineer, Union Oil Company. There are other articles equally as interesting, but space does not permit a complete listing.

A limited number of copies of this valuable book are available. Copies are two dollars each, to defray the cost of printing, and may be obtained from Jay W. Stevens, Security Building, San Francisco, Cal.


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