Pacific Coast Division fo Meet September 9-12

Pacific Coast Division fo Meet September 9-12

The forty-third annual convention of the Pacific Coast Association of Fire Chiefs (Division of I. A. F. C.) is to be held at Sacramento, Cal., on September 9-12, with headquarters at the Hotel Senator. The opening session is to be held at the State Fair Grounds on Monday, September 9, with an official luncheon at noon. The afternoon and evening will he spent at the fair grounds. The remainder of the tentative program is as follows:

Tuesday, September 10

9 A.M. Municipal Auditorium. “History of This Organization and the Purpose of This Gathering,” by Chief Chas. J. Brennan of San Francisco.

Appointment of various Convention Committees.

Debate: “Should Tank Truck Equipment Replace Chemical Wagons for Grass and Structural Fires,” by Chief Geo. Hazeman of Woodland; and Chief Luther Gordon, State Forestry Department.

Debate: “The Value of a Fire Prevention Bureau in a Small City or Town,” by Chief Hugh Morris and Ralph Williams, of Fresno.

12:15 P.M. Ladles Auxiliary Luncheon and Meeting.

2 P.M. “Value of Identification of Fire Hydrant by Colors,” by Chief A. W. Vargus of Concord.

“Fire Protection in the Lumber Industry,” by Chief J. Wood, of Scotia, California.

“Have Our Fire Departments Slipped During the Depression?” by Chief Claude W. Corning, Seattle, Washington. “The Value of Close Cooperation between Fire Chiefs and Fire Insurance Companies,” by Harry L. Simpson, Associate Manager, Great American Insurance Company.

8 P.M. Memorial Service. Municipal Auditorium.

9 P.M. Question Box.

“Problems of the Master Mechanic,” by Ed Henry of Los Angeles.

“Latest Developments in Fire Alarm Systems,” by Charlie Ralph of Portland.

Wednesday, September 11

8 A.M. Demonstrations: Chairman Chief James Douglass of Huntington Park. Place to be announced later. Rescue of Bodies and Resuscitation. Various types of fog nozzles. Two-way radio communication. Extinguishing of gas fires. Demonstration of gas masks.

2 P.M. Conference and Discussion: Municipal Auditorium. Chairman, Chief D. F. Gllnes of Southgate. Subject: “Grass Fires.”

Debate by teams from Sacramento Junior College and Pasadena Junior College.

Subject No. 1: “Resolved, that the fire service is carrying first aid and artificial resuscitation to extremes which are detrimental to the fire-fighting service.”

Subject No. 2: “Resolved, that legislation should be enacted to prohibit the use of the color red on other than fire department vehicles.”

7:20 P.M. Annual Banquet.

9 P.M. Annual Ball, Hotel Senator Ball Room.

Thursday, September 12

9 A.M. Closing Session, Senator Hotel. Reports of Committees. unfinished Business. Selection of Next Convention City and Election of Officers. Adjournment. Afternoon: Seeing Fire Hose made at plant of The American Rubber Company at Emeryville, after which an inspection of San Francisco Bay Bridges and trip on San Francisco Fire Boats.

Hutchinson, Kan., has purchased a 750-gallon pumper provided with a foam generator, ladders, booster tank, etc.

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