Pacific Coast Fire Department.

Pacific Coast Fire Department.

The Pacific Underwriter prints the following from Olympia Wash.:

The department is made up of 115 members, 3 of whom are paid. This force is provided with I steamer, supplied with a steam heater, although it is held in reserve, in case of need the hose wagon horses being sent back for the steamer; there are also I hook and ladder truck and 3 hose reels. The latter draw from a supply of 5000 feet of good hose. The supply of water, which is inexhaustible, is stored in 1 reservoir of a total capacity of 2.700.000 gallons, supplied by 2 steam pumps of a capacity of 2,000,000 gallons per day ; in addition to this, the steamer secures suction from the bay at high tide. Both the Holly and gravity systems of distribution are used, and the mains, which range in sire from 4 inches to 12 inches, show an average pressure of from 70 to tto pounds. To date of report. 36 hydrants have been set, and 5 are held in reserve. A Gamewell fire alarm system of 11 boxes is in use, and both building laws and fire limits have been established.

The contract for a new ioo-foot truck and ladders, to cost $3500, was awarded at Cincinnati, O., last week to the Chicago Extinguisher Company.

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