Pageants Introduce Fire Hazards

Pageants Introduce Fire Hazards

The advent of pageants, and similar displays, has introduced a new hazard in fire department circles. This was very strongly brought out in a display which was arranged in the John Wanamaker store in New York city. In commenting on this fact, William B. White, superintendent of the New York Board of Fire Underwriters, stated:

“This pageant consists of numerous paintings picturing the past, present and future of New York City. The main portion consists of three large paintings, enclosing three sides of the large Stewart Rotunda. These paintings extend from the ceiling of the first floor to the top of the rotunda, or fifth floor, which extends through the building. They are executed on a heavy satin-like material stretched on wooden framing. A large quantity of electric lights are strung on temporary wiring behind these pictures in order to give them the appearance of cathedral windows.

“A satin-like material is draped across the top of the rotunda and numerous other paintings or panels are placed around the exterior of the rotunda. There are also other paintings, exhibits, etc., which, however, present little hazard. The materials of which the three large paintings are constructed, as well as those on the exterior of the rotunda, are claimed to have been treated with a fireproofing solution but samples obtained and tested indicate that it will burn readily. The wood frame work supporting these paintings has not been treated in any manner. Owing to the location of the main pictures of the pageant and the readiness with which the material of which they are constructed will ignite and burn, it is felt that an additional serious hazard has been placed in this building.”

Views of an Optimist

Some say that a real optimist is one who if told he is going to die, begins taking lessons on the harp.

Another type is the one who when told he is going to die begins to jazz up on fire prevention and give a thought to asbestos or other noncombustible covering; depending of course upon how well he has played life’s game.

Wife: John! You’ll have to speak to them about the ridiculous way they are treating these flower-beds!—Judge.

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