Paladin Healthcare and Ferno Announce Partnership

Paladin Healthcare and Ferno

Paladin Healthcare LLC, the leading manufacturer of in-hospital equipment management rail systems, and Ferno, the innovative leader in emergency transportation solutions, are partnering to improve safety in transportation, and flexibility and efficiency in the storage of medical equipment and supplies. 

Both companies independently developed component based storage solutions for medical supplies and equipment that improve flexibility, ergonomic organization, efficient infection control, and optimized utilization. Through this partnership, Paladin Healthcare and Ferno will integrate and streamline pre-hospital and in-hospital equipment supply chain storage and equipment management.

Paladin Healthcare will collaborate with Ferno to adapt the iN∫TRAXX™ Integrated Vehicle Component System, initially designed by Ferno for an ambulance environment, for in-hospital implementation. iN∫TRAXX™  features quick release mounts that secure equipment such as oxygen cylinders, monitors, defibrillators and supply bags to tracks installed on the walls of an ambulance. 

“The iN∫TRAXX™ system was designed with significant practitioner input during development. Making a safe and flexible transportation environment requires a complete solution, so Ferno and Paladin product integration produces a comprehensive solution for the customer,” said Tim Schroeder, Director of Ambulance Systems for Ferno.

The EVOLUTION Equipment Management System by Paladin Healthcare is ideal for clinical medical environments and is also a plug-and-play storage solution designed with medical professionals in mind. The component-based system features wall-mounted rails that allow caregivers in a healthcare facility to snap-on and snap-off equipment, including blood pressure machines, infection control devices, and patient monitoring equipment.

“Combining the Ferno and Paladin product lines will serve to strengthen overall healthcare equipment and technology management, optimizing patient care and efficiency for hospitals, clinics, and mobile medical delivery systems” said Gary Schindele, President of Paladin Healthcare LLC.

Ferno and Paladin Healthcare are partnering to transform the work environment in ambulances and healthcare facilities. Safe, durable, and flexible solutions adapted to the needs of a caregiver are the future EMS and healthcare that professionals can look forward to.


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