Paris Fire Chief on His American Trip

Paris Fire Chief on His American Trip

Fire Commissioner Theodore A. Glynn has received from Major Paul Vanginot, chief of the Paris fire brigade, a copy of the latter’s report of his tour of inspection of the fire departments of the United States. One hundred pages are devoted to various reports on cities, and twelve of these pages are given to Boston. No word of criticism is found in the report of the Boston Fire Department. In the last paragraph of the preface Major Vanginot refers to the Boston Fire Department in these words:

“In preparing this work my personal feelings may have crept in despite my earnest efforts to eliminate everything personal from the report. The readers will bear with me therefore, when I assure them that in writing this book there was ever present in my mind that illustrious motto of my excellent friends and comrades in the Boston fire department, ‘pro domo et civitate’.”

The report gives in detail various statistics of the Boston fire department, and a description of the equipment and fire fighting methods in that city. Concluding his statement he says:

“In Boston I received a hearty and most cordial welcome, every attention and consideration was paid to me. I hold the most pleasant memories of His Honor, Mayor James M. Curley, Fire Commissioner Theodore A. Glynn, Chief John O. Taber, and the officers of the fire department. Chief Taber was an obliging guide, and the deputy chiefs rivaled with him. My visit to Boston was one of extreme interest. Fire Commissioner Theodore A. Glynn is an efficient executive, a man whom it was most pleasing to meet. As a fire chief, John O. Taber is held in high esteem, particularly throughout the United States. He was well known to me before my visit to Boston. In the department the men are perfectly drilled in their duties, they have a neat and snappy appearance, and are possessed of wonderful courage and a marvellous physical condition.

“The Boston fire department is a first-class organization, perfectly directed and excellently commanded. I passed many days in Boston and was in a position to observe every detail. I am pleased to signify here to Commissioner Glynn and Chief Taber my appreciation of the courtesies extended to me.”

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