Passaic Department.

Passaic Department.

On the evening of November 25, the Steamer Company elected the following officers for the ensuing year: Foreman, Christian Huber; Assistant Foreman, John Gueber; Recording Secretary, Waldo E. Gibbs; Financial Secretary, Peter Dekeyser ; Treasurer, Joseph B. Knight; Engineer, Frank H. Gibbs; Assistant Engineer, Corneil Demarest; Stoker, Otto Smith; Steward, Henry Kimmel. After the election the men adjourned to partake of the usual collation at the expense of the successful candidates.

The members of the Engine Company gave an entertainment at their house Monday evening, to a large and enthusiastic audience. They rolled their Engine and Carriage into the Truck-house, brought in benches from the City Hall, and improvised seats fjpr about one hundred and fifty persons. The entertainment consisted of variety sketches, songs, dances, cornet solos, recitations, etc., by the members of the Company. The audience was highly respectable, being composed of members of the other Companies and invited guests. The entertainment was a good one, and those present enjoyed it. The Steamer boys believe that a tiling like this pays, in the public feeling which it excites in their favor. They propose to hire a hall and repeat the entertainment, for the benefit of tlie Company treasury.

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Passaic Department.


Passaic Department.

PASSAIC, N. J., November as.

[ To the Editor. J]

Since I wrote you last the Engine Company celebrated the ninth anniversary of their organization by a supper at the Eutaw House on the evening of November 1. Chief Engineer Brainard and officers of the other Companies of the Department were present, while the Press was well represented by Vanderhoven of the Passaic Herald. Songs were sung, speeches were made, and every one enjoyed himself to the utmost until an early hour in the morning.

On the evening of November 5. election night, Rescue Hook and Ladder Company elected the following officers for the ensuing year : Foreman, J. E. Stoutenburgh; Assistant Foreman, Thos. Butterworth ; Secretary, W. R. Powell; Treasurer, J. S. Biddell. The usual collation and speeches followed the election.

On Saturday afternoon, November 9, the boys had a good opportunity of proving their metal. One of our long frame rows caught fire in the centre, and not being occupied, the fire was not discovered until the flames burst out the windows and had obtained good headway. The way the water went on the fire, however, soon convinced the outsiders that the men had made up their minds to stop that fire if they never did another. The damage to the Building amounted to about $1,500. while the two adjoining stores were each damaged by water to the extent of about $200 each. First water for the Steamer.

The Engine Company. Passaic No. x. elect officers for the next year this evening. Will send you list of officers next week.