Passing of the Fire Alarm Bell.

Passing of the Fire Alarm Bell.

Mournfully the people murmur,

As they to each other tell,

How they miss the warning ringing

Of the fire alarm bell.

Like a faithful sentry ever

Guarding from the foe ,

Telling true its tale of danger,

Ringing clear and slow.

Ere its echoing peals were stilled,

Dashing forth to do or die,

Brave and sturdy firemen came

From their stations—Hying by.

Who has not the bell strokes counted.

Watched the fire teams on their way,

Thankful when the fire bell sounded

A box number far away?

Back unto their rest or duties

All not near could turn in peace

With grateful feelings in their hearts

That for them alarm did cease.

Famed in verse and famed in use,

Marked by history a boon;

’Tis well to mourn the passing

Of the fire bell’s warning tune.

Clanging bells no more arouse us,

No more the recall rings,

Fire may come, and yet we reck not

To whom it danger brings.

Many times upon life’s journey

Shall we sadly tell

How we miss, within our city.

The fire alarm bell.

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