Testing and flushing drain pipes, etc.—W. Keith, Alloa, Scotland.—It consists of a trap having an opening and a manhole, grooves adjacent to the opening, the plate valve arranged in said grooves and having a boss; and the slotted wedge plate adopted to said grooves and boss.

Apparatus for purifying water—T. Craney, Bay City, Mich.—It consists of a feed pump, a condenser, electrolythic tank, open heated tank and evaporating apparatus and pipes connecting the same.

Fireproof slnitter—W. It. Kinnear, Columbus, O.—It consists of a frame, panels secured to said frame, a fireproof packing in the space between said panels with devices for retaining said packing in position.

Rolling fireproof blind—W. It. Kinnear, Columbus, O. It is composed of two thicknesses of metal having their edges lapped and bent to form shoulders, grooves and tongues.

Water purifier—II. E. Gould, New York, N. Y.—It consists of a casing, having mounted in a ferrule at its bottom tube, having openings through it at its low*er end, said end being surrounded by filtering material.

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