1,017,095. Fire and burglar alarm. Marshal J. Gregory,

1,016,934 Fluid-meter. Thomas Charlton, Chicago, Ill. Sour Lake, Tex., assignor of one-half to John W. Turnbow, same place.

1,017,095. Pump, Alfred O. Mattsson, Detroit, Mich., assignor to Great Lakes Engineering Works, Detroit, Mich.

1,017,178. Automatic drainage-governor. Charles Selin, Brooklyn, N. Y.

1,017,5.12. Hose-reel. Ralph W. Glenn, Fruitvale, Cal.

1,017,585. Fire-extinguishing nozzle. Richard Pattin, Brookline, Mass.

1,017,6,18. Hose-nozzle. Gabriel W. McCoole, Hot Springs, Ark.




Fire hydrant, W. W. Corey, Jr., St. Louis, Mo. It consists of a stand pipe with a valve therein, blocks arranged on the valve rod, which are adapted to move toward and from each other, links which are pivoted on different horizontal planes on the blocks, and a valve to which the opposite ends of the link are pivoted on different horizontal planes.

Hose nozzle, C. H. Phillips, Malden, Mass.

Fireproof construction, W. Orr. Trenton, N. J. Combined to the ceiling beams, hangers supported by the beams, bars supported by said hangers, parallel with the floor or ceiling, and plaster supporting partition frame supported by bars.

Automatic fire extinguisher, W. W. Burson, Chicago. Ill. It consists of the water pipe, the valve provided with the operating lever, upon which is the sheave, serving as operating weight upon said lever, the sheave, and the sustaining wire.