Paterson (NJ) Firefighters Operate at Fire in Unoccupied Dwelling

At just before 05:30 on January 14, 2015, firefighters from the Paterson Fire Department were dispatched to the area of 828 Madison Ave for a possible building fire.

On arrival, Engine 1 reported a working fire on the 2nd floor in the rear of #814, a large unoccupied 2 1/2-story frame dwelling. Companies immediately went to work stretching several handlines into the building to attack the fire, which had also extended into the attic.

Electrical wires in front of the building made it almost impossible to use aerial devices, forcing Ladder 3 to go to the roof via an extension ladder for ventilation; as soon as the roof was open heavy smoke and then fire issued from the vent hole as interior companies continued to push into the attic cautiously due to reported holes in the floor.

A second alarm was requested by Deputy 1 for additional personnel and relief due to the frigid temperatures in the low teens. Firefighters were able to keep the fire to the original building, despite both exposures being only feet away. No injuries were reported and the fire was place under control around 06:40 hours.

More photos from this incident are HERE.

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