Pawtucket Has $100,000 Fire

Pawtucket Has $100,000 Fire

A fire in the plant of the Newell Coal and Lumber Company on Taft Street, in Pawtucket, R. I., on February 15, threatened the entire waterfront of the city with destruction. The blaze, which was reported as of suspicious origin, caused damage estimated at $100,000. Five buildings, twelve trucks, and a quantity of coal and lumber were destroyed. Two Pawtucket firemen were injured. Chief Napoleon Taupier directed the firemen. Aid was called from Central Falls.

Greenfield, Mass., is building a new central fire station at a cost of $97,650.

Lynnfield, Mass., voted to purchase a 500-gallon motor pumping engine.

Quincy, Mass., has purchased three Maxim motor pumping engines.

A set of blue prints measuring 24 x 40-inch, has been prepared by Assistant Chief Alex Green, of the Morristown, N. J., Fire Department, to show firemen the types of hazards that may be encountered in building construction. These prints, which have been highly praised by a number of Fire Chiefs, are for sale by Chief Green.

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