Portland, Ore.—Fully 1,200 people paid final tribute to Karl Gunster, president of the Fire Fighters’ Association, who lost his life in an apartment fire.

Funeral services in the auditorium were attended not only by practically every city official but by hundreds of other persons.

“Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends,” was the text upon which Dr. W. B. Hinson of East Side Baptist church delivered the funeral sermon. Henri Keates played the organ and Lieutenant Crane of St. Johns police station, sang.

The body was borne on a fire-truck to the cemetery. Active pallbearers marched beside the caisson. Ahead were the Musicians’ Association band, a platoon of police, a delegation of Spanish War veterans, full. 200 firemen and the honorary pallbearers from Engine 22, Gunster’s company.

For an hour prior to the funeral the body lay in state in the auditorium. The casket was banked high with flowers.

Gunster died as the result of smoke which overcame him when he entered an upper floor of the bidding when he heard that one of the occupants, who had previously been taken out, had been trapped there.

He was 41 years of age and is survived by his widow, Mrs. Etta M. Gunster, his parents, Dr. and Mrs. P. F. Gunster, a brother and sister, Helen M. Gunster of Portland and Dr. Francis Gunster of Corvallis.

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