Pelham Manor Holds Department Inspection

Pelham Manor Holds Department Inspection

The sixth annual inspection, drill and dinner of the Pelham Manor, N. Y., Fire Department was held Saturday evening, May 26, under the chairmanship of Chief John J. Brennan, a former Battalion Chief of the New York Fire Department. Pelham Manor borders on the northeasterly edge of New York City on Long Island Sound. It is in Westchester County and is a high value residential community of New York City business men. Its palatial homes contain priceless furnishings. It is one and a quarter square miles; has an assessed valuation of $26,000,000 and last year the fire losses were $7,000 as compared with $32,000 in 1932. Pelham Manor

Pelham Manor has one engine, a 1,000 gallon pumper and one ladder truck—the latter a city service. It has no fire alarm telegraph. Seven years ago. due to a few serious losses by fire, the village trustees went to New York in quest of a young, intelligent and efficient fire fighter to take the Chieftainship, which for the first time was made a paid position. Chief Brennan was selected for the post. At first some of the belligerent volunteers made his lot anything but a happy one. He soon overcame those obstacles. The village trustees and other officials were behind him 100 per cent, and today the Pelham Manor fire fighting outfit is a happy family with five paid drivers, two volunteer Assistant Chiefs and 36 volunteer firemen. Its worst hazard is an oil plant on the Hutchinson River, where there are 4,000,000 gallons of volatile oils. Pelham Manor carries eight foam generators and 14 tons of powder. The oil plant is protected by dikes and fire foam system. The Travers Island club house of the N. Y. A. C. is in Pelham Manor.

Chief John J. BrennanClimax of an Automobile Speed Trial in England A speedway car burst into flame during a trial run at the Crystal Palace, England. The racer tried to stop his car but was unsuccessful. He leaped out, ran alongside the car, and finally succeeded in stopping it, after which the fire was extinguished.

Addresses at the dinner were made by officials of the village and by Chiefs of Yonkers, Mt. Vernon and New Rochelle, all of whom gave Chief Brennan much praise and recognition. Chief Brennan gave all credit to his men for the splendid fire record of the village and for the efficiency of the brigade. Thirteen fire fighters won gold sleeve insignas for having attended 50 per cent fires and 50 per cent drills, while five fire fighters won silver sleeve insignia for having attended 25 per cent fires and 50 per cent drills. Chief Brennan said in part: “We are small but efficient, if I do say it myself.”

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