Pennsylvania Water Statistics

Pennsylvania Water Statistics

According to the results of a statistical compilation by James F. Woodward, secretary of internal affairs of Pennsylvania. the following interesting figures and comparisons of the water works of that state is given. The 603 private and municipal water companies in Pennsylvania supplied approximately 379,000,000.000 gallons of water to consumers in 1922 and the receipt from this sale amounted to $29,368,757.

The companies were classified as 433 private and 170 municipal, the latter furnishing more than 237,000.000,000 gallons of water for which they received $12,526,013. In 1922 they supplied a total of 1,295,609 consumers. 606,212 being supplied by private plants while the municipal plants cared for 689,397 consumers.

Commercial consumers led in both classes, private plants having 576,233 customers and municipal plants 648,847. Commercial users of water from private plants paid $10,027,930 for the 51,841,819.000 gallons of water they used and the commercial customers of the municipal plants paid $10,165.210 for the 178,025,802.000 gallons supplied them.

The average price of water supplied by private companies, based on 1,000 gallons in 1922 was: Commercial 20 9 cents: industrial. 6.3 cents; public. 19.8 cents, and others, 13 cents; municipal average prices were: commercial, 5.1 cents: industrial, 6.3 cents; public. 2.6 cents, and others, 24.4 cents.

Private water companies employed 3,725 persons and paid them $4,264,519 during the year while the municipal plants employed 3,640 persons and paid them $4,238,475.

Completing New Supply at Talladega, Ala.—The new water system at Talledega. Ala., is nearing completion. The coagulating basin has already been finished and work is progressing rapidly on the new reservoir. Improvements include a new pumping station and filter plant.

Sedalia’s New Water Improvements—Surveys are now in progress for improvements and extensions to the water system at Sedalia, Mo. The program involves new reservoirs and larger feeder mains. The Burns & McDonnell Engineering Company of Kansas City are in charge of the work.

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