Pennsylvania Water Works Association Meets

Pennsylvania Water Works Association Meets

The Pennsylvania Water Works Association held its twenty-eighth annual meeting on October 24, 25 and 26, at Haddon Hall, Atlantic City, N. J. The convention was very well attended, there being some one hundred and seventy members present. The business meeting of the association convened at 11 o’clock on Wednesday morning October 24, after the meeting of the executive committee at 10:30. The afternoon session was opened with an address by President WC. Hawley, manager of the Pennsylvania Water Company, Wilkinsburg, Pa., and the remainder of the sessions were devoted to the reading of papers and the discussion of a number of important question box inquiries. Among the subjects discussed in the papers were: Powers, duties, etc.,

of the sanitary water board; stream pollution problems, public relations from the utilities viewpoint and from the public viewpoint; reasonableness of the service charge; instruction of rate schedules, etc. The Friday morning session was devoted to legislation and court decisions. At the four o’clock P. M. session on Thursday, October 25, addresses were made on five members who had passed away, as follows; C. La Rue Munson, W. L). Pollard, W. J. Yeager, Henry Berg and C. O. Gulden.

File list of new officers as elected was as follows: President, W. C. Hawley; vice-president, W. H. Miller, Jr., second vice-president, Samuel W. Smith, third vice-president, Edgar Munson and secretary-treasurer, F. S. Purviance. Executive committee: S. H. Hicks. Wilkes-Barre; C. La Rue Munson,

Williamsport; Montgomery Evans, Norristown; A. W. Lee, Clearfield anti J. T. Taylor, Beaver.

I hose who attended the annual meeting were as follows:

W. Hawley, WilktnsburK, l’enna. W. t’o.; J. S. Hicks. Berwick, Berwick W. Co.; I). M. Sloanc, Bellevue, Ohio Valley W. Co.; Frank Huth, Nazareth, Blue Mountain Cons. W. Co.; F. A. Witnian, Berwick, Berwick W. Co.; A. D. Clark, Toronto, Spring W. Co. of Kane; K. C». Wilhelm, Timothy Keliher, John Keliher, H. V. Biehler anti IT Brown. Williamsport, Williamsport W. Co.; W. R. Miller, Mercer. Mercer W. Co.; V. L. Crawfonl and L. F. Crawford, Tyrone, Tyrone Gas and W. Co.; S. G. Lantz, Williamsport, Darling Valve Mfg. Co.; Thomas Barr, Summit Hill, Summit Hill W. Co.; Charles Kurtz, James If. Schall, John K. Baker, Chas. ,I. Kerr anti Kdgar T. Kahle. York. York Water Co.; M. B. Moore, Woodlawn, Woodlawn W. Co.; Charles Haydock, Philadelphia. Citizens W. Co.; S. H. Hicks, Wilkes Barrc, Spring Brook W. Supply Co.; David Howells, Kane, Kane Spring W. Co.; Jos. Jeffrey, A. R. Jeffrey and M. L. Speck. Scranton, Scranton Gas and Water Co.; I . L. Far son, Uniontown, 7 rotter W. C.; L. M. Weld, Meycrsdale, Sand Spring W. Co.; M. D. Hunter, Stony C’k Mills, Mt. Penn Suburban W. Co.; W. H. I-regans, Wilkes-Barre, Wyoming Valley W. Supply Co.; Carl H. Boas, Mt. Penn, Mt. Penn Suburban W. Co.; N. J. Beisel, Pottsville, Pottsville W. Co.; B. Russell, Norristown, Norristown Ins. & W. Co.; C. A. Emerson, Philadelphia, Conslt. Engr.; S. W. McLarren and Chas. Larrimer, Osceola Mills, Osceola W. Supply Co.; H. S. Rich, Jr.. Marietta. Marietta Gravity W. Co.; H. M. Bruner, Columbia, Columbia W. Co.; J. W. Wilson, Easton, Lehigh W. Co.j E. S. Silliman, Mahanoy and A. R. Wiggan. Philadelphia, Mahanoy City W. Co.; N. B. Jacobs, Pittsburgh. Sunbury W. Co.: Morris Knowles, Pittsburgh, Suburban W. Co., Lewiston-Reedsville W. Co.; N. G. Mansfield, Lewistown, Lewistown W. Co.; H. J’. Keiser. Reading, Reading Suburban W. Co.; C. A. Spencer, Greensburg, Mountain W Supply Co.; F. C. Foote, Lewistown Lewistown-Recdsville Water Co.; F. T. Laney and I. S. Walker, Chester, New Chester W. Co.; Fred Boulton, Houtzdale, Houtzdale W. Co.; Edgar Munson, Williamsport, Williamsport W. Co.; H. C. Cressman, Perkasie, Perkasie W. Supply Co.; W. A. Huff, W. A. Huff, Jr., and M. W. Crownover, Greensburg, Westmoreland W. Co.; D. H. Ludlow, Easton. Lehigh W. Co.; Oliver laBarr, Dr. H. H. Wilford, E. J. Houck and W. H. Corell, Bangor. Bangor Water Co.; A. G. Garvin and W. W. (’oiledge, Verona, Suburban W. Co.; T. A. Smith and W. B. Faust. Mt. Carmel, Mt. Carmel W. Co.; L. B. Smith, Greensburg. Westmoreland W. Co.: E. Bankson, Pittsburgh, Edgeworth W. Co.; Chas. C. West. Sayre. The Sayre W. Co.: J. C. Adams, Pittsburgh, South Pittsburgh Water Co.: D. M. Watt, Butler. Butler W. Co.; W. D. Freer, Warren. Warren W. Co.; Jos. A. Beck, Pittsburgh, Beaver Valley W. Co.; B. W. Haupt, Shomokin, Roaring Creek W. Co.: H. L. Lark, Millersburg. Millersburg Home W. Co.; Bert F. Willson, Wyoming Heights, N. Wyoming Heights; S. M. Smith, Port Allegheny, Port Allegany W. Co.; H. K. Carmack, Wilkinsburg. Penna. Water Co.; H. C. Reher, Reading Angelica W. & Ice Co.; Wm, A. Ely, Reading, Hazelhurst W. Co.; Wm. If. Miller, Jr.. Reading. Driftwood W. Co.; J. I. Iligbee, Milton. Milton-Watsontown & Lewisburg W. Company; S. A. Taylor, Pittsburgh. Engr.; Wm. B. Ahrens, Reading. Dallastown-Yoe W. Co.; E. R. Anderson. Wilkinsburg, Penna. Y. Co.; Geo. McKay. Philadelphia, Pres.. Leaditc Co.; J. W. Biggs. Jr.. New York, So. Pittsburgh W. Co.; W. R. Voorhis, Warren. Warren W. W.; A. W. Bigler, Clearfield, Clcarfield W. Co.; A. B. Crichton, Johnstown. Portage W. C’o.; H. E. Ehlers. Harrisburg, Pub. Serv. Com.. Pa.; J. S. S. Richardson, Philadelphia. Pa. Pub. Serv. Inf. Committee; A. W. Lee. Clearfield, Clearfield W. Co.; ( H. Becker, Philadelphia, R. D. Wood & C’o.: John G. Reading, Canton, Citizens W. Co.; A. G. Holmes. Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh Meter Co.; W. IT Crocker, Williamsport, Citizens W. Co. of Canton; John Dunlap, and Elmer J. Wasley, Shenandoah, Shen. Citizens W. & Gas Co.; J. S. McWilliams, Shamokin, Roaring Creek W. Co.; J. H. Purdy. New Castle. City of New Castle W. Co.; J. Martin Ross, Mauch Chunk. Upper Mauch Chunk W. Co.; W. H. Hackenberg, Milton, White Deer Mt. W’. Co.; H. E. Moses. Harrisburg, Harrisburg, Asst. Chief Engineer. Penna. Health Dept.; I/. A. Kempf, Newark, N. J.. Newark Brass Works; I. O. Mumford, Honesdale, llonestlale Con. W. Co.; W. R. James. New York City. H. Mueller Mfg. Co.; Jos. A. Hayes, New York City, Neptune Meter Co.; V. E. Arnold, New York City, Pittsburgh Meter Co.; H. G. Frederick, Millersburg. Millersburg Home W. Co.; Robt. H. Craig, Harrisburg. Minersville W. Co.; Jno. T. Taylor. Beaver Falls, Beaver Valley W. Co.; E. S. Me Wreath, McDonald, Citizens W. Co.; K. G. Aicher, South Easton, Pa.; E. F. Muser, Catasauqua, Clear Spring; J. O. Herr, Pleasantville, N. J.. Atlantic County; H. M. Diven, Scc’y. Amer. W. W. Assn.; F. B. Mueller, Mueller Mfg. Co., Decatur. 111.;. Wm. R. Conard, Burlington. N. J., Burlington Eng. Co.; H. B. Richards. New Castle. New Castle W. Co.; E. Dodd Condit, Norristown, Pa.; Reporter; A. Reed Hayes. Lewistown, Lewistown-Reedsville W. Co.; J. Frank Hayes, Belleville. Pa.. Belleville W. Co.; Jno. W. Storb,. J. B. Lessig. Jno. B. Evans, and G. H. Baer, Pottstown. Pottstown Gas Sc Water Co.; W. E. Brown, Clearfield, Houtzdale W. Co.; J. B. Nevling. Clearfield. Clearfield W. Co.; Milton Latshaw. A. L. Buckwaiter, W. W. Kulp and L’. S. G. Finkbindcr, Royersford, Home Water Co.; B. A. Ludgate, Visitor with P. & L. E. R. R.; J. W’. Ledoux. Philadelphia. Springfield W. Co.; J. N. Chester, Edgeworth, Edgeworth W. Co.; W. B. McCaleb, Philadelphia, Mountain W. Co.: Win. Emery, Williamsport, Eagles Mere Water Co.; R. W. Preis, Lewisburg. and H. S. K*im, Watsontown, White Deer Mt. Co.; C. W. Monic. White Haven, White Haven W. Co.; M. A. Gring, Reading. West Reading W. Co.; W. Litchtenberger, Red Lion. Red Lion W. Co.; N. N. Craley. Red Lion, Red Lion Water Co.; W. D. Filbert. Reading. Womelsdorf Cons. W. Co.; W. H. Roth. Philadelphia, Springfield Cons. W. Co.; H. I Stone. Clark Summit, Clark Summit W. Co.; C. R. Berry, Shamokin, Roaring C’reek W. Co.; Farley Gannett, Harrisburg, Northern Cambria W. Co.; F. S. Kinzie, Reading. Wrightsville W. Co.; F. S. Purviance, Pittsburgh. Sec’y and Treas.; S. H. Egolf, Royersford. Home W. Co.; A. W. Cuddeback, Paterson. N. J., Passaic W. Co.; E. C. Schaeffer, Reading, West Reading W. Co.; T. J. Grayson, Philadelphia, Springfield Cons. W. Co.; W. R. Roohrbach, Sunbury, Sunbury W. Co.; Leonard Metcalf. Boston. Mass., Conslt. Engr.; Henry S. Harris, Philadelphia, Ingersoll-Rand Co.; A. J. Yeager. Lewistown, Lewistown-Recdsville W. Co.; J. B. Kinney, Newark, N. J.. Wallacr & Tiernan Co., Inc.; F. B. Barns, New York. Nicholas S. Hill. Jr.; Wm. Bitzer. Fayette City. Fayette City Water Co.; J. A. Nutt. Monongahela City. Monongahela Water Co.; J. F. Horn, J. M. Horn and J. W. Elliott. Vandergrift. Vandergrift W. Co.; W. H. Dechant. Reading. Westmoreland W. Co.; E. L. Nuebling, Reading, Engineer W. Dept.; I). E. Dampman. Reading, Comm. Water Dept.; D. I. McGeehan. Hazleton. Wyoming Valley W. Supply Co.; Jas. Fuertes, Conslt. Engr-

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