M. Nicholas Simin, chief of the Moscow, Russia, water works, with his daughters, was a passenger on board the Teutonic last Wednesday. M. Simin, who, it will be remembered, addressed the members of the New England Water Work Association at the convention held at Newport, R. I., last September,is returning home after an extended tour over the United States, during which he has visited and carefully examined many of the chief water works plants in the country, paying particular attention to the different methods of filtration which were brought to his notice. He expressed himself as very much pleased with, and interested in all he saw.


Chief Joyner, of Atlanta. Ga, was in the city this week and paid a visit to the office of FIKK AND WATER.

Chief Cannon, of the fire brigade of Krith, Kent, Eng.,was a visitor at the office of FIRE AND WATER. He has utilized his sojourn on this continent by visiting and inspecting many of the leading fire departments in the UnitedStatcs and Canada, and is going back to England with every intention of improving his command.

The friends of Mr. W. S. Hamilton, superintendent of the water works at Youngstown, Ohio, will be glad to hear that his condition is improved, though he is still lying very ill at the Homoeopathic hospital at Brooklyn, N. Y.

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