Capt. William Brophy, secretary of the Massachusetts Fire Chiefs’ Club is seriously ill at his home in Boston.

Chief J. J. Crotty, of Keeseville, N. Y., has resigned because the fire commissioner would not allow him an assistant.

James McCarthy, who was injured while working at the pumping plant some months ago, has filed suit against the town of Ravenna, Neb., for $20,000 damages. The city council feels that the blame was not on the city and intends to tight the suit.

William Williams, Commissioner of Immigration, has been appointed by Mayor Mitchel to be Commissioner of the Department of Water, Gas and Electricity, according to an accredited report at the City Hall. Commissioner Williams tendered his resignation to the President on January 1, but was asked to remain at his post.

O. L. Price, for the last seven years superintendent of the water works at New Castle, Ind„ has resigned and W. Luther Younce. a wellknown local young man, formerly an employe of the water works plant, but who has been in charge of the light, heat and power plant of the Interstate Public Service Company for some years, has been appointed to fill the vacancy.

E. L. Carroll, engineer and superintendent of the water department at Jacksonville, Fla., died in that city on the 16th inst., of spinal meningitis. Mr. Carroll was ill only four days, and his death came as a shock to the people of Jacksonville, who regarded him as a model citizen and an efficient official. Deceased was a member of the American Water Works Association, and well known to the fraternity throughout the country as an active and influential member of that body.

Mr. John A. Kienle, former chief engineer of water works at Wilmington, Del., was married on February 17th to Miss Marie W. Morris of that city.

Dr. Harry Mortimer Archer, honorary surgeon of the New York fire department, and Miss Emilie June Walker of Brooklyn, whose marriage was noted in this journal last week, are spending their honeymoon in Florida and Cuba. Among the guests present at the ceremony and reception were Fire Commissioner Robert Adamson and wife, former Commissioner Joseph Johnson and wife. Chief John Kenlon and wife, Deputy Chief Thomas R. Langford, and many others not connected with the fire department. Among the presents received was a large chest of silver presented by the New York Firemen’s Cycle Club; a large gold lined silver bowl from the Examining Surgeons’ Association; a large silver vase and silver stand from the chiefs and commanding officers of the fire department; a large silver fruit bowl presented by the 7th battalion of the fire department; large silver vase from the medical board of the fire department, and a large silver cake dish presented by the members of Engine Company 56.

Personal Mention

Personal Mention


John Caulfield of St. Paul, Minn., has been reappointed general adviser and clerk of the water board and purchasing agent, with an increase of salary.

Johnson & Fuller, consulting engineers and sanitary experts, New York, announce that Harold C. Stevens, heretofore their principal assistant engineer, has been submitted to membership in said firm, the other members being George A. Johnson and William B. Fuller.

Murray Forbes, a well-known water works man, for many years superintendent of the Greensburg, Pa., system, died last month after a short illness. Mr. Forbes was a regular attendant at the water works conventions and always took a lively interest in their proceedings.

J. Waldo Smith, chief engineer of the New York City Board of Water Supply, and Miss Anne Louise Morse were married recently at the residence of the bride’s brother, Franklin S. Morse. 155 Midwood street, Brooklyn. The Rev. Dr. W. B. Wallace of the Baptist temple officiated. The wedding supper was served at Delmonico’s, where Mr. and Mrs. Smith and their intimate friends went after the ceremony. On their return from their honeymoon trip, Mr. and Mrs. Smith will live at 131 Madison avenue. Mr. Smith has just closed his term of one year as president of the New England Water Works association.