Personnel, Equipment and Activities of the Boston Fire Department

Personnel, Equipment and Activities of the Boston Fire Department

The personnel and equipment of the fire department of Boston, Mass., according to a recent statement covering statistics up to February 1, of this year is as follows:

The personnel of the department at that date comprised 1,427 men including the Chief, one assistant chief, 6 deputy chiefs, 30 district chiefs (15 for day and 15 for night service), 74 captains, 107 lieutenants, 57 engineers, 57 assistant engineers and 1,094 privates, divided into 53 engine companies (3 marine), 30 ladder, 1 chemical and 3 watertower companies, a rescue company and 2 emergency squads, the engine companies generally consisting of 14 or 15 men, including a captain and a lieutenant; other employees, 12 at headquarters, 96 men in repair shop and 44 in fire-alarm branch; fire stations, 62.

Automobile apparatus in service, 34 combination pumpers or gasoline engine and hose-reel, 5 triple combination (including chemical tank) also 10 tractor-drawn steamers and one steam-propelled steamer; 39 combination chemical engine and hose cars; 30 ladder-trucks (12 aerial); 3 fireboats; 3 water-towers; 1 rescue auto with pulmotors and 1 auto wrecker. Total apparatus, 127. Officers’ cars, 34 and delivery trucks, 11. Leading hose 143,116 feet and suction hose, 2,366 feet; fire alarm boxes, 1,310.

‘ In reserve are 16 engines (10 auto); 7 hose wagons (6 ‘iauto); 7 ladder trucks (6 auto); 1 water tower (auto) and 7 Iofficers’ cars. The apparatus in service is now entirely motorIdriven, the last horse-drawn piece having been replaced Oct. 18, 1923.

Total alarms in calendar year 1923, 7,241 or 1,107 more than in 1922, of which total 729 were needless and 287 false alarms, besides 154 automatic alarms, false and accidental. Total fires, 6,071 (862 more than in 1922) of which 3,148 were in buildings, 2,872 outside of buildings and 51 out of city limits. In 18 cases the buildings were totally destroyed, in 94 the damage was considerable and in 1,941 the damage was slight; other cases, no damage stated.

Annual salaries: Commissioner, $7,500; chief, $5,500; deputy chiefs, $4,000; district chiefs, $3,500; captains, $2,500; lieutenants, $2,300; engineers, $1,900; assistant engineers, $1,800; lst-year privates, $1,400, with $100 yearly increase until maximum of $1,800 is reached.

The records of the Wire Division show that on February 1, 1924, the underground electric service comprised 3,663,539 feet of conduit, 21,954,630 feet of single duct and 33,232,932 feet of cable of the drawing-in system, also 691,529 feet of 3-wire cable and tube of the solid system. From the business districts, over a street area of 46,415,000 square feet, and from 72 miles of additional streets all poles and overhead wires have been removed.

Reading, Pa., Vets Hold Election Meeting—At the annual meeting of the Veteran Firemen’s Association at Reading, Pa., recently, Isaac Sassamen was re-elected president and Wm. Kreisher, vice-president.

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