Peter Stanley Training Selects RescueSim Virtual Incident Response Trainer for UK Fire Services and Airports

Highly regarded British Fire and Rescue training provider Peter Stanley Training will use RescueSim to provide virtual incident response training for its customers in the UK.

Peter Stanley Training is a professional training provider of high quality incident command, leadership and management training for local authorities and Fire Services in the UK. Peter Stanley Training is an accredited training provider to 36 Fire and Rescue Services in the UK as well as seven major UK airport rescue firefighting services.

Peter Stanley will offer all UK airports and UK Fire and Rescue Services virtual incident response training using RescueSim. The combination of Peter Stanley Training and RescueSim will enable fire and rescue services and the airport rescue fire fighting services to access a complete training package including preparation, assessment and certification.
RescueSim is the leading virtual incident response trainer for emergency responders and fire and rescue services. RescueSim allows fire and rescue services to virtually train and experience any thinkable incident as they would in real-life. The commander assesses the situation and determines the best response strategy, implements it and then observes the consequences of their decisions using debriefing tools.  

RescueSim is used in over 20 countries worldwide and its customer base continues to increase as emergency services and safety professionals recognise the positive effects that safe and cost effective virtual training has as an enhancement of their practical training. Peter Stanley Training selected RescueSim after a thorough evaluation of the available alternatives, because of its ease-of-use, graphical realism and flexibility to create diverse scenarios.

In the UK, RescueSim is already used for incident response training by a number of different fire and rescue services and industrial Facilities throughout the country.

Peter Walsh, Head of VSTEP UK: “We are delighted to have Peter Stanley partner with us. Their reputation, experience and network will significantly strengthen VSTEP’s position in the UK. VSTEP has a solid client base in the UK and is dedicated to expanding its presence in the years to come.”

Peter Stanley MD at Peter Stanley Training: “We are very happy to undertake a partnership with VSTEP in the UK and use RescueSim in our highly regarded incident command and development training programmes. We will also offer a comprehensive accredited VSTEP facilitator training programme with assessment marking guides and and forms to existing and new VSTEP clients”

Peter Stanley Training will use the UK version of RescueSim, which was developed together with UK Fire and Rescue Services and includes a complete database of 3D UK training environments as well as Fire, Police, Ambulance and Highways Agency vehicles, equipment and personnel. For the BAA, the RescueSim Airport Incident Management Module will be used, a specialised version of RescueSim including specific vehicles and features for airports.

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