Petersburg, Va., Service Club Backs Baby Life Saving Bonds

Petersburg, Va., Service Club Backs Baby Life Saving Bonds

One of the first of the fire chiefs of smaller communities, and the first of any Town in Virginia, to actively promote the sale of Baby Life Saving Bonds, as part of the campaign of the International Association of Fire Chiefs to cut the tragic annual deaths of 4,000 children by fire, is J. N. Farmer, of the Petersburg Fire Department, Petersburg, Va.

In August, Chief Farmer interested his local Lions Club in the movement and arranged for Chief Lawrence M. Bowman, head of the Richmond, Va., Fire Prevention Bureau, to address the club. This he did, following which the members unanimously voted to promote the sale of the Baby Bonds.

Chief Bowman warned that destruction by fire will go on until “every man realizes the seriousness of fires and eliminates carelessness, neglect, indifference and complacency,” in regard to fire prevention.

Chief Farmer distributed the baby bonds and urged the members to go out and sell them, rather than merely to contribute one dollar (the price per bond) for them. The sale, incidentally, is being supported by the Lions International.

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