Phelan Designs Fireboat

Phelan Designs Fireboat

For the protection of inundated areas during floods and for fighting fires in river craft, Chief Nicholas Phelan of Pittsburgh, Pa., has designed a fireboat that is propelled by water jets.

The craft will be powered by two eight-cylinder engines. Water will be drawn through an inlet in the bottom and ejected at the stern with a force great enough to force the boat ahead at a speed of fifteen miles an hour. This eliminates the hazard of fouling a propeller in flood debris.

It is planned to house the boat on a special trailer, so that, when it may be needed, the boat will be towed to the water and launched.

The pumps will be capable of pumping 1,700 galons per minute, from four outlets. The two centrifugal pumps may be operated, either in parallel or series. The boat will be thirty feet long, eight feet wide and will draw less than two feet of water.

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