Philadelphia Central Fire Station

Philadelphia Central Fire Station

When completed, Philadelphia, Pa., will have a central fire station which in addition to housing the fire companies will have provisions for the files and offices of the fire department.

The apparatus floor has space for housing a rescue squad, one engine company, one ladder truck and one pipe line company; a separate room houses the chief’s car. In the rear of the apparatus floor is constructed the hose tower. Space is provided in the rear for a receiving room, storage, and a kitchen; to the right is the chauffeur’s room, and wash room. There are four stairways, two in the front and two in the rear of the building. This minimizes the necessary trips to the nearest staircase. In the rear of the building, is an enclosed driveway.

Artists Drawing of How Station Will Appear When Completed.

The dormitories and offices are located on the second floor. On the left are rooms for three officers, each with a private bath. A private corridor provides access to a sliding pole and a stair case. There are four dormitories for the men—two on each side of the floor—two sliding poles and one stair case is provided for each set of two dormitories. The wash rooms, showers, lockers and pool are located at the rear of this floor. In the center is an open court to be used for recreational purposes and it will, at the same time, furnish light to the first floor.

At the front of this floor is located the pool room. There are rooms for the fire dispatcher and the clerks, one large office, one private office with space for a secretary and stenographers. From the chief’s chamber, there is a brass sliding pole which gives quick access to the chief’s car below.

An inspection of the plans will show that there is room for the growth of the department, and that each one of the rooms will have ample light facilities from the many windows. The companies’ headquarters is so arranged that they are independent of the office force. The few doors that do furnish communication to that section, can only be opened from the executive offices.

First and Second Floor Plans of the New Central Fire Station at Philadelphia.

Exclusive of the cost of the ground, the building when completed will cost in the vicinity of $275,000.

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