Philadelphia Hit by a Wave of Fires

Philadelphia Hit by a Wave of Fires

A wave of lumber yard fires has been keeping the Philadelphia Fire Department busy. A five-alarm fire on August 23, destroyed the lumber yard of Joseph H. Sykes, located at 19 and Cambria Streets. The same fire also destroyed the Armstrong Monowall Products Company, three private homes and the factory of the King Bedding Company.

It raged for three hours before it was brought under control.

On August 21, a day before the fivealarm fire, a three-alarm fire almost destroyed the three-story stone building of the Transfiguration Catholic School. The fire was confined to the basement and first floor. The smoke was so acrid that forty firemen were taken to the hospital. It was believed to have started in the camping equipment stored in the basement.

On August 23, the same day as the five-alarm fi,re, but in the latter part of the evening, a two-alarm fire destroyed a two-story warehouse of the Charles Hieber Feed and Grain Company.

On August 29, a three-alarm fire destroyed a two-sto,ry building of the H. Maluson and Sons Wool and Waste Company.

On September 22 at 8:30 p.m., two alarms were struck for a waste mill fire, the eighth waste mill fire this year for Philadelphia. The two-story brick building was a mass of flames and the smoke could be seen for miles. Eight pumpers, three trucks, two pipe-line wagons, one rescue squad, one water tower, three battalion chiefs, the second deputy chief and Chief Cowden fought to bring the fire under control.

During the fire a handful of firemen dared to go into the building. A battalion chief who saw them ordered them out of the building. They no sooner left it when the roof and second floor fell in. No one was hurt, but a battalion chief who was thrown from a ladder. He required no treatment. The fire was brought under control two hours latter.

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