Photo May Cost Six Missouri Firefighters Their Jobs

A recent picture could cause six University City (MO) firefighters their jobs, reports

The six firefighters posed alongside a city council candidate who was backed by the firefighter’s union. The picture was taken with a Pattonville fire truck outside of U-City and has been circulating in campaign literature.

On Monday, one of the firefighters in the picture received a phone call from U-City Fire Chief Adam Long. The firefighter was told that no one in the photo would have their jobs by the end of the week.

According to state statute, first responders are allowed to participate in political campaigns as long as they are not on-duty and not in official uniform. None of the gear in the photo shows U-City patches and was said to be borrowed for the photo.

The U-City attorney is conducting an investigation to determine whether the gear in the photo originated from any of the U-City firehouses.

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