“Quality Group,” Comprising Six of Oldest and Most Influential Magazines in the Country, Join Fire and Water Engineering and Universal Film. Many Letters Received from Fire Officials Supporting National Fire Prevention Movement

FORMAL announcement, last week, that the six great American magazines, comprising the “Quality Group”, namely, the Century. Harper’s, Scribner’s, Atlantic Monthly, World’s Work and Review of Reviews, had joined FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING and Universal Film in our National Fire Prevention campaign, gives to even the casual observer some idea of the remarkable momentum this movement has already attained.

Each of these time-honored and respected magazines will devote its great influence to the cause of fire prevention. A special fire prevention department will be established in each of the six publications and authoritative articles on fire prevention subjects will appear in each of the twelve issues of the year.

Their efforts will tie up closely with the work that FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING is doing, and particularly with the picture itself, which is now being prepared under the direction of Harry Levey, manager of Universal Film Manufacturing Company’s Industrial Department. The whole campaign will he a unit.

Fire Officials Respond

Splendid progress is being made, and from day to lay we can see greater possibilities for making this the biggest fire prevention campaign ever attempted. We feel particularly gratified at the response that is being made on the part of fire officials the country over.

Last week we published a statement by Chief John Kenlon, of the New York fire department, representative of the enthusiastic attitude that is being taken by fire chiefs in the municipalities of the country.

Just as favorable are the voluntary expressions of opinion we are receiving from fire officials in industry— and there are countless large manufacturing plants in the country that maintain not only their own fire marshals, hut their private fire departments as well.

Wants Picture in Shipbuilding Plant

Typical of the splendid spirit shown by the industrial fire marshal is the following letter just received from Chief A. S. Aungst, of the Merchant Shipbuilding Corporation. United States Shipping Board, Harriman, Pa. Chief Aungst writes as follows:

“1 notice in last week’s issue of FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING, that you have started a campaign of moving pictures to support local fire officials in the campaign of fire prevention. I think that this is a wonderful idea, and that it should meet with all the success in the world, as people do not realize what a large fire is, or how it starts.

“I would be pleased, as soon as you are ready to set a date, to have your picture come to Harriman, as this is the home of the Merchant Shipbuilding Corporation, and it would do a lot of good here. I have been elected fire marshal of the Bucks County Fire Association, and would be pleased to help make arrangements throughout this county to have these pictures shown. I assure you of the heartiest co-operation in this city and this county, whenever you are ready.”

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That is the spirit of enthusiastic support that is being shown everywhere. Can the success of the campaign be doubted?

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