Pittsburgh Firemen Out of Politics

Pittsburgh Firemen Out of Politics

A declaration from William Coates, chief of the Pittsburgh fire bureau, that politics ought to be eliminated from the bureau, and a promise of R. J. Trimble, secretary of the board of fire underwriters, that a 4 per cent, surcharge now made for insurance will be abolished if the fire bureau is taken out of politics, constituted the feature of the budget session of the finance committee of council recently. Chief Coates was led to make his remark by a statement of Councilman Dillinger that the incoming administration proposes to take the fire bureau out of politics.

“If you do that, you will be conferring a great boon,” declared Chief Coates. “If you want better firemen, better fire fighting and a more efficient organization in every way, get rid of the politics. That would be welcomed by every fireman.”

Secretary Trimble said that the 4 per cent, charge is due to the fact that there has always been politics in the fire bureau. He added that the underwriters would be willing to go on record in writing that it will be abolished if politics is not allowed in the fire bureau.

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