PL Custom Adds C.W. Williams & Co. (CWW) to Its Growing Family of Distributors

Manasquan, NJ—P.L. Custom Body and Equipment Co., Inc. (PLCB) is pleased to announce the addition of C.W. Williams & Co. (CWW) to its growing family of distributors. CWW will be providing sales and service to emergency services providers in the States of North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. In addition to providing sales and service for PL Custom Emergency Vehicles and Rescue 1, CWW will be able to provide remounting and specialty conversions through PLCB as well.

According to Dean Allred, CEO of CWW, “We are excited to announce that C.W. Williams & Co. has entered into a sales and service distributorship with PL Custom Emergency Vehicles and Rescue 1 of Manasquan, NJ. After a three year evaluation of our market and potential suppliers, we now look forward to promoting and selling these two great products in the Carolinas and Tennessee. As we researched possible representation of an ambulance manufacturer, it was refreshing to find a strong family-owned-and-operated company so dedicated to craftsmanship and long-term customer relationships. For our customers that are looking for a better product and better local service support, we are convinced this new partnership will be hard to resist.”

“C.W. Williams & Co. is celebrating its 62nd year of continuous operation,” continued Allred. Current ownership has been in place since 1980. The company operates out of two facilities in North Carolina, strategically located to offer easy access for its customers. Its experienced service team offers both garage and mobile service for both apparatus and equipment. Field and inside sales representatives promote Rosenbauer America fire trucks and key equipment suppliers such as Fire Dex, Honeywell, Bullard, and Amkus. The company is headquartered in Rocky Mount, North Carolina.

Chad Newsome, national sales manager for PLCB, is very pleased to have CWW as part of the PLCB family. “The addition of C.W. Williams & Co. is a perfect match for PLCB, and we strongly believe their strong tradition of service will greatly benefit existing and future customers. We have never had a strong presence in their coverage area and we have high hopes that the introduction of the PLCB brands will be successfully executed by this great new partner. On behalf of all of us here in Manasquan, we wish to express our thanks to CWW for joining our team!”

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