Plan Third Illinois Short Fire Course

Plan Third Illinois Short Fire Course

Having held two successful short courses in the art of fire prevention and control, the University of Illinois at Urbana is planning to hold the third short course at the college on June 21-24.

This course is planned to be a training school where those interested in fire prevention, control and extinguishment can learn methods and ask questions. The program is planned to be of interest to anyone who is concerned with fire prevention, control and extinguishment. There are no fees of any kind for this course.

Information about this course may be obtained by addressing C. E. Palmer. 401 Engineering Hall, University of Illinois, Urbana, Champaign, I11., or John G. Gamber, state fire marshal, Springfield, I11.

The course will cover rescue work, ventilation, first aid for injuries, ladder work, hose work on ladders, the use of equipment on trucks, first aid extinguishers, fires from electric currents, gas masks and rescuscitation, sprinkler systems, pumpers and fire streams.

Radio Aerial Cause for Fire—An outdoor aerial in Pine Bluff, Ark., fell upon an electric light wire and caused a fire that required the fire department to extinguish.

Trap Doors Must Be Closed on N. Y. Stage-In an order of the New York fire department, the firemen detailed to theatre inspection work must make sure that the trap door on the stage is closed, or if there is an elevator thero, the elevator must he flush with the stage door before he leaves, after the performance. This is to retard the upward spread of flames in case of a fire below the stage, and of safeguarding the life of the firemen who are called to fight the fire.

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