Plan to Identify Piping

Plan to Identify Piping

The Bureau of Standards’ committee on safety engineering held a conference in New York city to consider the proposed plan for identifying the contents of piping systems used in manufacturing plants, oil refineries and other places where there is an abundance of piping.

The committee favors the use of stenciled words on the drains rather than identifying the pipe contents by colors. It is stated that some of the manufacturing concerns have so many different chemicals in their pipes that are peculiar to the industry, that it, would be impossible to establish a universal color standard. However, five classes of material have been recognized.

It was brought out at the meeting that it was not intended to paint the entire run of pipe hut to paint bands on the pipe in places where the information would be needed.

Identifying the pipes in this matter would be of great assistance to firemen operating at a fire within a plant.

Turtle Creek. Pa., Purchases Apparatus—An Ahrens-Fox pumper was purchased by the council of Turtle Creek, Pa.; delivery is expected in September.

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