Plan Used to End Arson Trouble

Plan Used to End Arson Trouble

There is scarcely a community or municipality that has not been troubled some time or other by the activities of a fire-bug. Taft, Cal., has devised a plan to end some of the arson troubles by offering a reward.

Signs have been posted about the municipality offering five hundred dollars for the arrest and conviction of any person who committed arson in the city of Taft, Cal.

The reward has been made large enough to attract persons to try to claim it. Too many suspects have been brought to court charged with arson and later released because of insufficient evidence, although the chief and others interested in the case are sure that arson has been committed. It requires conclusive proof in court to have one suspected of such a charge declared guilty.

City officials of Taft believe that the sign will do one of two things. It will either scare away those who plan to set fire to buildings to defraud the insurance companies, or it will prompt the residents to try to collect sufficient evidence for convicting the suspect.

The experiment started in Taft is worthy of watching by other chiefs.

Tama, Ia., Buys Apparatus—Tama. Ia., has purchased a 600-gallon Nott pumper which will he delivered the latter part of August.

Slater, Ia., Farmers Buy Community Shares—Farmers near Slater, la., purchased shares in the Community Fire Protection Plan which was formed to furnish rural protection. The money obtained was used to purchase fire apparatus.

Contract Awarded for Milford, Conn., Station—Contracts have been awarded for the construction of a headquarters station in Milford, Conn., ground for which has been broken. It is estimated that the building will cost $ 150.000.

Mayor “Bossy” Gillis to Close Many Houses—Mayor “Bossy” Gillis of Newburyport, Mass., intends to close up all fire stations with the exception of the central building. He also recommended the purchase of another pumper and a small chemical car to be used for answering still alarms.

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