Plans for New England Convention

Plans for New England Convention

Plans are going forward for the convention of the New England Association of Fire Chiefs, which will be held this year in Portland, Me., on June 21, 22 and 23.

The Congress Square Hotel has been selected as convention headquarters, and the exhibits of apparatus and accessories will take place in the Exposition Building. It is expected that there will be a large showing of the latest types of motor pumpers and ladder trucks.

The Exhibit Committee is composed of Chief William H. Hawkins, of Haverhill, chairman; Chief Charles Fortin, of Lewiston, Me., and E. H. Milliken, of Boston.

Chief Charles H. French, of Manchester, N. H., president of the New England Fire Chiefs’ Association, expects to call a meeting of the Board of Directors in the near future to draw up the program of topics and arrange further details of the convention.

Reservations for hotel accommodations should be made through George F. Cobb, traffic manager of the association, 774 Albany street, Boston, Mass.

Chief John W. O’Hearn, of Watertown, Mass., secretary of the association, reports that much interest is already being manifested and that all indications point to a record attendance at Portland in June.

Chief Oliver T. Sanborn, of Portland, is arranging an attractive entertainment program for the visiting chiefs, and is preparing an illustrated souvenir booklet for the convention.

A list of topics for discussion at the convention was selected at a meeting of the board of directors held in the Elks’ Hotel, Boston, Mass., on March 16.

The meeting was attended by Chief Charles H. French, of Manchester, N. H., president; Chief John W. O’Hearn, of Watertown, Mass., secretary-treasurer; Chief William H. Hawkins, of Haverhill, Mass., chairman of the exhibit committee; Chief Oliver T. Sanborn, of Portland, Me.; Chief James E. Smith, of Nashua, N. H.; Chief James M. Casey, of Cambridge, Mass.; George F. Cobb, of Boston, traffic manager; and Harry Belknap, press representative.

It was decided to open the convention in Portland, Me., at 10 a. m. on Tuesday, June 21, with addresses of welcome and the annual memorial service. The afternoon will be devoted to visiting exhibits and the evening to round table discussion.

On Wednesday the morning session will start at 9:30. The afternoon will be devoted to exhibits and demonstrations. On Thursday there will be a business session starting at 9 :30 a. m. and ending at noon with the election of officers.

Five major subjects named for discussion and on which papers will be read arc “VENTILATION,” “FIRE PREVENTION,” “TRAFFIC REGULATION,” “CONSTRUCTION AND CARE OF TIRES,” and “SMOKE EJECTOR MACHINES.”

There will be a report of the committee on standardization of fire hose threads and probably a paper on fire alarm record systems. It was voted to invite Chief John Kenlon, of the New York Fire Department, to attend and deliver an address.

It was voted to donate $100 to the Memorial Fund being raised for the benefit of the family of the late Chief Robert Browning, of Central Falls, R. I.

Congress Square Hotel, Portland, Me., Convention Headquarters.Ex-position Building Where Exhibits Will be Arranged.

Convention headquarters will be established in the Congress Square Hotel and the exhibits will be held in the Exposition Building. There will be a bus service at frequent intervals between the hotel and the exhibit hall.

Reservations for rooms should be made by writing to George F. Cobb, Traffic Manager, 774 Albany Street, Boston.

The officers of the New England Association of Fire Chiefs are as follows:

President, Chief Charles H. French, Manchester, N. H.; First vice-president, Chief William C. Shepard, Pittsfield, Mass.; Second vice-president, Chief Oliver T. Sanborn, Portland, Me.; Secretary-Treasurer, Chief John W. O’Hearn, Watertown, Mass.; Board of Directors, Chief James E. Smith, Nashua, N. H.; Chief A. J. Cote, Woonsocket, R. I.; and Chief James M. Casey, Cambridge, Mass.; Sergeant-At-Arms, Chief David A. DeCourcey, Winchester, Mass.; State Vice-Presidents, Maine, Chief Charles Fortin, Lewiston; New Hampshire, Chief Arthur W. Spring, Laconia; Vermont, Chief Carl D. Stockwell, Burlington; Massachusetts, Chief Selden R. Allen, Brookline; Rhode Island, Chief Albric Chevalier, Warwick; and Connecticut, Chief George B. Milne, of Rockville.

Michigan Wants More Money for Forest-Fire Work— The forestry commission asks for a fund of $857,000 with which to fight forest fires in Michigan. Last year, the state appropriated $500,000 for the work but this amount proved inadequate to carry on the department’s activities.

Chief Towey Active in Lion’s Work—Chief Towey of Newark, N. J., spoke at a meeting of the Lion’s Club in the interest of fire prevention. This month is being observed as fire prevention month by the various Lion’s clubs throughout the country.

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