Plans Made for N. E. Chiefs’ Meeting

Plans Made for N. E. Chiefs’ Meeting

A meeting of the Board of Directors of the New England Association of Fire Chiefs was held on March 21 in the Barker House, Boston, Mass., to discuss plans for holding the sixth annual convention of the organization in Burlington, Vt., on June 26-29.

Chief William C. Shepard, of Pittsfield, president of the association, directed the proceedings. It was voted to invite W. G. Webster, general secretary of the National Fire Brigades Association, of London, England, to attend the convention.

Frank M. Tiffany, chairman of the exhibit committee, reported that the display of apparatus and fire department supplies to be held in the new memorial auditorium in Burlington promises to be the largest and most complete ever seen at a chiefs’ convention.

A tentative program was drawn up and it was decided that there will be papers read on the following subjects: “Proper Methods of Ventilating Burning Buildings”: “Fire Prevention and Inspection Work”; “Fire Protection in Towns and Villages”; “Problems of the Volunteer Department”; “Fire Station Design and Construction”; and “Fire Fighting in European Countries.”

Those who attended the meeting were Chief Shepard; Chief John W. O’Hearn, of Watertown, secretary-treasurer; Chief Lawrence E. Reif, of New Haven, Conn.; Chief James M. Casey, of Cambridge; F. M. Tiffany, and H. Belknap of FIRK ENGINEERING. Prior to the meeting the directors attended the luncheon of the Massachusetts Fire Chiefs’ Club.

President Shepard and Mr. Tiffany went to Burlington to confer with Chief Carl D. Stockwell, of that city, on details of the convention.

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