Plans Made for New England Meeting

Plans Made for New England Meeting

Some of the officials of the New England Association of Fire Chiefs attended a meeting in the office of Chief Oliver T. Sanborn of Portland, Me., in order to formulate concrete plans for the coming convention of the association that will be held in Portland, Me., on June 21-23.

Those present were Chief Charles H. French, of Manchester, N. H., president: Chief John W. O’Hearn, of Watertown, Mass., secretary; Chief James E. Smith, of Nashua, N. H.; Chief A. J. Cote, of Woonsocket, R. I.; Chief William J. Shepard, of Pittsfield, Mass.; Chief James M. Casey, of Cambridge, Mass.; Chief Sanborn, of Portland; George F. Cobb, traffic manager, and Harry Belknap, press representative.

An inspection was made of the Exposition Building on Park Avenue where the exhibits will be held. This is a large structure with floor area greater than the State Armory of New Hampshire which was used in Manchester last year for the exhibits.

Luncheon was held in the attractive dining room on the top floor of the Congress Square Hotel. In the afternoon a meeting was held in Chief Sanborn’s office at which preliminary plans were made for the convention and Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, June 21, 22, and 23 named as the dates. Headquarters will be established in the Congress Square Hotel.

It was voted to invite Jay W. Stevens, Executive Secretary of the International Association of Fire Chiefs, to attend and address the delegates.

A vote of thanks was given to Chief R. A. Bogan, of Baton Rouge, La., for courtesies extended to the members of the association on the occasion of the visit to his city by the delegates returning from the recent International Chiefs’ Convention in New Orleans. Chief Bogan was invited to attend the New England Convention.

Chief Fred A. Clark, of Attleboro, Mass., and Chief Charles H. Fuller, of Pawtucket, R. I., were appointed as a committee to draw up memorial resolutions upon the death of Chief Robert Browning, of Central Falls, R. I., who succumbed to injuries received while fighting a fire in Pawtucket.

The following Exhibit Committee was appointed: Chief William H. Hawkins, of Haverhill, chairman; Chief Fortin, of Lewiston, Me.; and E. H. Milliken, of Boston.

Among subjects discussed at the meeting were the publication of the year book of the association ; the establishment of a fund for chiefs who may be in need of assistance because of illness or other causes; the adoption of standard regulations for the installment of oil burning heating equipment; the design of badges for use at the coming convention; and the co-operation of the chamber of commerce and various civic organizations of Portland in plans for the convention.

It was voted to hold another meeting of the directors in Boston the third week in February at which time a tentative program of topics and speakers will be drawn up.

After the adjournment of the hoard meeting the members went to Citv Hall where Chief Sanborn introduced the visiting chiefs to City Manager H. A. Brinkerhoff, who extended a cordial welcome in behalf of the municipality.

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