Announcement is made by Director R. G. Cholmeley-Jones of the Bureau of War Risk Insurance that the insuranee division of the bureau is virtually at the end of its period of congestion and consequent dissatisfaction and vexatious delays, resulting from the great volume of work suddenly thrown upon it by the demobilization of the armed forces during the past year.

Former service men whose insurance has lapsed or has been canceled are encouraged to take advantage of the very liberal provisions for reinstatement of War Risk insurance by the payment of two monthly premiums with the application and a satisfactory statement of health. They are assured that from now on, receipts for premiums will be sent to them within a few days from the date of the original receipt of the remittance. Instead of the form paragraphs and unsatisfactory form letters which formerly it was necessary to use to answer the flood of mail, they will be replied to with real letters in insurance cases which require detailed and specific answers.

The number of unposted premiums in the bureau, which last October was approximately 88,000, has just been reduced to an average of 10,000, or less than one day’s work.

Unanswered mail in the insurance division shows a reduction of approximately 60% from the daily balance of five months ago. Probably it will be two or three weeks before it will be possible to answer all the letters as quickly as it is now possible to mail out receipts for premiums, but it is a matter of only a few weeks before the answering of all ordinary inquiries in reference to insurance matters within four days of their receipt in the bureau will be the regular practice.

While some difficulties due to failure of service men to furnish serial numbers and other necessary information always will be inevitable, very serious handicaps in the addressing of the men have just been overcome. Through a special appropriation made by Congress, the bureau has been enabled to put its entire list of former service men on addressograph plates. This prevents errors that previously occurred through repeated copying from the millions of records with typewriters.

Former service men desiring to reinstate War Risk Insurance which has lapsed or been canceled, or to convert their insurance in cases where it is now in force, should aply to any post of the American Legion, the Veterans of Foreign Wars, or other organizations of former service men, Army, Navy and Marine Corps recruiting stations, State Insurance Commissioners, any home service section of the American Red Cross, Salvation Army, Knights of Columbus, Jewish Welfare Board, Y. M. C. A., or to other fratenal or welfare organizations or agencies which are in a position to furnish blanks and necessary information. Or. if they prefer to do so, they should write directly to the Insurance Division, Bureau of War Risk Insurance, Washington, D. C.. in all cases furnishing the following six points of information for the identification of their cases in the records:

  1. Full name (including first, middle, and last name) and complete address.
  2. Rank, rating or grade at the time of original appliaction for insurance.
  3. Army or Navy organization at time of original application for insurance.
  4. The number of Insurance Certificate or Government Life InsurancePolicy, if known.
  5. Army Serial Number, if in the Army.
  6. Date of discharge, if discharged.

Service men whose insurance has lapsed or has been canceled are reminded, however, that as long as they are without insurance, they are without its protection, and, in their own best interests, should apply for reinstatement of their insurance without delay.

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