Plenty of Action at Hardware Fire

Plenty of Action at Hardware Fire

Three men blown from a ladder by an explosion of gunpowder. one overcome by fumes, and a constant sleet and rain storm added more than the usual zest to a fire in a hardware store in Chester, Pa., recently.

A whole city block was threatened and many families living in apartment buildings were forced to vacate their quarters. Firemen had a six-hour battle before the fire Was brought under control.

The fire started from an unknown cause in the second floor of the brick building which contained general hardware supplies including paints and oils. When the first company arrived, the fire had burned through several floors and had made a good headway.

Fire Which Gave Chester, Pa., Firemen Six-Hour Battle

Chief John F. Bauer was in charge of the fire, the equipment at which included two Seagrave, three Ahrens-Fox and one American-La France apparatus.

Comm. Hultman Confers on Incendiary Fires—Comm. Eugene C. Hultman of Boston, Mass., held a conference with the district attorney in reference to the large increasing number of incendiary fires in the city.

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