Police Arrest Teen in Fire Apparatus Attack that Injured Garfield (NJ) Firefighter

A 16-year-old Garfield (NJ) resident was arrested on charges he threw a glass soda bottle at a moving fire truck, nearly blinding a firefighter whose eyes were cut by broken window glass.

The 16-year-old boy was charged with second degree aggravated assault and third degree interference with transportation, Garfield Police Captain Darren Sucorowski said in a press statement issued Tuesday night. A charge of criminal mischief is still pending. Because of his age, the juvenile’s identity was not released.

The volunteer fire department was responding to a report of a possible fire at Wal-Mart Friday night at around 10:10 p.m. when the bottle struck.

Firefighter Victoria Kovacs suffered corneal abrasions when the rear window of Engine #2 shattered, propelling bits of glass into both eyes that required hospitalization.

Kovacs, 22, and a five-year volunteer of the department, was forced to take time off work and is still recovering from her injuries.

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