Police-Fire Seesaw

Police-Fire Seesaw

New York City’s police department has a serious problem of recruitment and holding its men. In April the problem was brought into sharp focus with the resignation of 46 patrolmen, 45 of whom switched to the fire department.

The mass resignations spotlight a growing trend of changeover from one city department to another. Since January 1, 113 men have quit the police, 98 of them to become fire fighters.

Various reasons are given for the switch; the one most commonly heard is that fire fighters have been permitted to hold outside jobs whereas policemen are not permitted to do so.

The fire department recently ruled that new men could not hold outside jobs although veterans with two jobs were not affected. This move was designed to halt the transfers. However, according to the press, it is expected another 70 patrolmen, who are also on the fire fighter list, will make the change in the next few months.

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