Pop-up MicroLite Miniature LED Lights Available at Ace Hardware

MicroLite Tech, Inc. ( www.MicroLiteTech.com ) of Kauai, Hawaii has announced that their line of miniature hands-free LED lights called Pop-up MicroLites are now available at participating Ace Hardware locations.  With a simple push these miniature, durable, super bright LED lights pop up and shine light downwards illuminating anything anywhere.  All other attachable lights disperse light outwards but Pop-up MicroLites direct light downwards where you really need it.  They are ultra small and attach to anything including plastic, metal, wood, leather, and even cloth using the included tape and magnetic mounting options (or use without attaching). 

Their small size and ability to direct light downwards create endless new lighting possibilities.  Pop-up MicroLites illuminate toolboxes, locks, breaker panels, remote controls, ice coolers, walking canes, clipboards, emergency kits, electronics, auto repairs and much more.   They have literally  thousands of uses ( especially during power outages ).  Suggested retail price is $4.99 each or $10.99 for a 3-pack.  Available in black, white, and emergency red.

“Our first sales test was at a local Ace here in Hawaii and they sold out incredibly fast, so we are very excited to now become a dropship vendor for Ace Hardware and expand that success to all 4,000 Ace locations,” says MicroLite Tech CEO John Teel.  Pop-up MicroLites are the first in an entire line of hands-free miniature lighting devices being developed by MicroLite Tech.

The patented ( U.S. Patent 7,794,131 ) pop-up feature is critical because the light source must be elevated to illuminate what it is attached to.  When not in use the light needs to be compact and out of the way.  The best solution is to have the light source pop-up when turned on.  With a footprint the size of only a nickel, Pop-up MicroLites are small enough and bright enough to illuminate anything anywhere.

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