Pope-Hartford Automobile Apparatus.

Pope-Hartford Automobile Apparatus.

A constant stimulus in the search for the most effective method of extinguishment is the great yearly loss of life and property by fire. Better equipment and training among firemen, and improved building laws have done much to reduce this loss, but there is still an immense annual waste. When it is stated that about 90 per cent, of all fires are discovered in their incipiency— according to insurance statistics—the value of speedy motor equipment is at once apparent.

The name Pope-FIardford has stood for quality for many years, hence it is not surprising that its new combination chemical and hose wagon is a model for reliability and general performance. Bristol, Conn., secured the first machine of this type turned out, early this summer, and the general consensus of opinion in that town was that Bristol “got big value for its money.” In trial trips about the town the machine proved itself a speedy traveler and a strong hill climber, a sharp mile grade being negotiated in three minutes.

The mechanical details of the combination chemical and hose wagon are as follows: The motor and chassis are of regular Pope-Hartford construction, with a special fire department frame, lengthened and hot-rivetted; wheel base, 12!) in.: engine. 40-horsepower: tires, 34×5 in.: transmission, selective type, with three speeds forward and reverse; brakes, two sets; pedal and hand lever, operating on each rear wheel and on transmission shaft; speed, up to 4(1 miles per hour: full set of automobile tools. The lighting is similar to that employed on pleasure cars, consisting of 2 acetylene headlights, 2 oil side lamps, oil tail lamp, and a Prest-O-Lite gas tank. In equipment, the combination wagon is a thoroughly practical piece of fire apparatus, as it carries a 40-gal. tank and a complete set of regular firefighting tools.

The motor fire wagon is as valuable in small places as larger cities, where the motor salvage corps and the auxiliary squad are important factors. To meet the demands of all departments the Pope-Hartford Manufacturing company has equipped its plant at Hartford, Conn., with facilities for the manufacture, also, of flying squadron wagons, salvage corps wagons, fire patrol wagons and hose wagons. When it is added that every piece of fire apparatus possesses all the mechanical excellence of the Pope-Hartford pleasure car the last word will have been said.

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