Porcelain Plant Loss Near Million

Porcelain Plant Loss Near Million

A raging Sunday blaze destroyed the main plant of the Clyde Porcelain Steel Corporation, Sandusky County’s largest manufacturing concern at Clyde, Ohio, November 11, throwing 650 workers temporarily out of jobs.

The fire, caused, it is reported, by sparks from welding operations on one of the furnaces in a furnace room where porcelain is baked on tile, home fixtures and other products of steel faced with enamel, was discovered at 3:15 P.M. and spread so rapidly that the steel, brick and concrete walls of the main structure toppled within about an hour.

The destroyed building also housed the company offices and laboratory. Only a few records w’ere saved. A fire wall is credited with aiding firemen from Clyde, Fremont, Bellevue, Tiffin, Sandusky, Green Springs and Vickery— all in Ohio—to save an addition completed in August. A second company plant across the street was also saved.

Sheriff’s officers and state highway police estimated that 20,000 persons stopped at the scene, and it was with effort that traffic w’as maintained on U. S. Route 20, which runs a few blocks from the plant.

Firemen are reported to have encountered some difficulty in getting sufficient water to fight the fire, but they were able to protect exposures.

The Sandusky Chapter of the American Red C ross and the Clyde Navy Mothers’ Club served coffee for the firemen wffio remained on duty at the plant for seven hours.

Clyde Porcelain Steel Company Fire at Its Height

Photo Courtesy Wm. J. Murphy

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