Portable Pump Floats on Water Can Provide Up to 140 GPM

Portable Pump Floats on Water Can Provide Up to 140 GPM

A portable pump has been developed that can provide water at once while floating on a pond, stream or other static water source.

The Waterous Floto-pump can be quickly started and placed in the water without having to bother with a priming pump, suction hose or a strainer. It provides pressures up to 125 psi and supplies as much as 140 gpm at comparatively low pressure. When used with a combination fog and straight stream nozzle, the pressure and gallonage will vary according to the adjustment of the nozzle if it is the variable gallonage type. The pump runs at full speed while it is in the water.

The 8-hp Chrysler engine that powers the pump has been tested over the years by the Chrysler Outboard Corporation and has been used in numerous other applications. The air-cooled engine has a pressure carburetor with an integral fuel pump that allows operation in any position. It also has a magneto, a hard chrome-plated cylinder bore, and a ball bearing-supported crankshaft. Premixed or regular gasoline mixed with oil is used.

The Floto-pump has a 5-quart gas tank, which allows operation for 60 to 90 minutes. An automatic float-controlled throttle opens when the pump is placed in the water and then returns to idle when the water supply is exhausted or when the pump is taken from the water.

The unit is so portable that it carries like a suitcase. It can throw an 85-foot fire stream, and Waterous has used the pump with 500 feet of 1 1/2-inch hose to produce an effective fire stream.

The pump is already being used by numerous small town fire departments. Larger departments with dock areas to protect can use it for waterfront fires, and some marina operators have bought the pump for their own protection.

Some owners who bought the pump for fire protection are also using it for cleaning boats, spraying weed killers, jetting poles, cleaning scale in barges, blasting swimming pool walls and many other things remote from fire fighting.

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