Portland Department Aids Legion

Portland Department Aids Legion

The Fire Department of Portland, Ore., will play an important part in the fourteenth annual convention of the American Legion which will be held in the “Rose City” in the fall. The visitors are urged to make the Portland Fire Department their headquarters and Chief Edward Grenfell is active in making preparations for the Legionnaires. Assistant Chief James Dillane has charge of all auto transportation; Capt. Ralph Schlatter is in charge of first aid details. In addition, 250 members of the Portland Fire Department who are also members of the Legion, have been detailed to personally see that the visitors are properly entertained.

Every auditorium and lodge hall is being reserved for the accommodation of the many group meetings during the convention. Automobiles of local residents have been made available for a free trip up the Columbia River Highway to Multnomah Falls.

Portland school children are now planting hundreds of thousands of roses in order to make Portland even more the “City of Roses” than it has been in the past. In mid-September when the American Legion arrives, roses will be in bloom in almost every yard and parking space in the city.

Portland is situated in a vast level valley where the Willamette River empties into the famous Columbia River. It is entirely surrounded by mountains except where the two rivers cut their way through. For “background there are the snow-capped Mt. Hood, Mt. Helens and Mt. Adams.

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