Post-Convention Trip to Havana, Cuba

Post-Convention Trip to Havana, Cuba

One of the most interesting phases of the plans being made for the International Association of Fire Chiefs conference scheduled for November 9-12 at Miami, Florida, is the post-convention tour which has been arranged through Chief Henry Chase, of Miami, under the direction of Geo. B. Monroe Co. at Miami.

The destination of this tour is Havana, Cuba, and judging from the reception given a similar tour some years back, friends of the fire service in Havana will have an opportunity of entertaining several hundred members of the Association in November.

Havana is an interesting, friendly city whose gaiety and night life have earned for her the title of “Paris of the Americas.” This cosmopolitan Latin capital is a modern progressive city affording its continental visitors all the modern conveniences to which they are accustomed . . . modern hotels and office buildings . . . wide boulevards . . . beautiful public parks . . . gorgeously landscaped residential sections. Yet, its narrow winding cobblestone streets, grilled balconies and ancient forts and cathedrals and other evidences of the days when the Spanish Conquistadores ruled have been jealously guarded and are proudly presented by Havana to visitors. Active and spectator sports abound . . . fishing in a piscatorial paradise . . . golfing at many fine courses . . . and native Jai-Alai. Myriads of beautiful flowers are a never ending source of enjoyment to the beauty-lover, and all—young and old alike—can find relief from cares and worries at the gay sidewalk cafes and cabarets where the native rumba reigns.

To reach this gay paradise, the members of the Association will sail from Miami aboard the palatial S.S. “Florida” at 6:00 P.M. Friday, November 12, for a delightful overnight trip under tropical skies, enjoying a delicious dinner and breakfast en route and feasting on the beautiful sights leaving Miami Harbor and entering Havana past historic Morro Castle. The “Florida” is owned and operated by the Peninsular & Occidental Steamship Company, which has served Florida and Cuba for more than fifty -years and has long been known as ‘‘the shortest, most dependable and most popular sea route between Florida and Cuba.” The “Florida,” which made an enviable war record as an Army Transport during World War II, is a twinscrew turbine passenger vessel, especially constructed for this service, is licensed to carry 740 passagers and can comfortably accommodate more than 500 in over-night service. Her very attractively decorated dining salon can seat 172 persons and is equipped with indirect lighting and ventilation. The cuisine is excellent and after dinner the Chiefs and their ladies will enjoy dancing to the ship’s orchestra in the spacious ballroom, chatting with friends in the beautiful cocktail-lounge, or strolling the decks under star-studded skies.

A most attractive and comprehensive trip has been arranged for the Chiefs and in addition to the usual sightseeing activities, many extra and unusual activities are scheduled through the courtesy and cooperation of friends of the fire service in Cuba, including Colonel Roberto Garcia Pi, Chief of the Havana Fire Department. Reservations are now being accepted by the Geo. B. Monroe Co., 1403 Pacific Building, Miami 32, Florida.

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