Posters Reduce Fires at Steel Plants

Posters Reduce Fires at Steel Plants

Posters, tailor-made to meet the particular fire hazards of the steel industry, are a part of a current fire prevention campaign that is being carried out by the Insurance Department of Bethlehem Steel Company. Analysis of records that have been kept since 1918 indicate seven major fire hazards. The posters are related to hazards to which the human lactor contributes and that lend themselves to pictorial presentation.

They have been printed in two sizes, a 9″ x 12″ size for posting on plant bulletin boards and locations with space limitations, and a large size for other locations.

New subjects arc posted monthly. Included among poster subjects prepared to date are: Faulty Electrical Wiring, Spilled Oil, Oily Waste, and Welding Sparks. Additional subjects on which posters arc being prepared include Hot Metal, Hot Chips and Borings, and Smoking.

The Insurance Department has a record since 1918 of over 45,000 fires occurring on the company’s properties, most of them extinguished before causing any great damage. The seven headings under which they are listed generally indicative of the common causes of fires on the company’s properties are, electrical, hot metal, stoves and stacks, locomotives, acetyline, fuel oil and ashes. The Insurance Department’s records likewise show that there is a close relation between the rate or extent of operations and fire frequency. The poster campaign has been instituted as one phase of a program for keeping fires at a minimum under existing conditions of expanding operations.

The posters are printed by the offset process, in four colors and were prepared by the company’s Advertising Department, in collaboration with the Insurance Department.

Posters Used as Part of Fire Prevention Campaign at Bethlehem Steel Plants

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