Power, Air, Light = PAL

Power, Air, Light = PAL

A new word in the Oakland Fire Department describes its latest equipment acquisition, PAL. It stands for Power, Air and Light unit built in the department’s shop according to design recommendations made by a permanent department research group.

Possibly its most outstanding feature is the elevating light tower which in a minute or two can put two mercury vapor floodlights (1,000 watts) 33 feet above the street, where they can illuminate an entire 200-foot building front. After raising, lights can be rotated for best positioning regardless of the base angle. Lights are bracketed for optimum light distribution in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Other floodlights (some preconnected for immediate use) are powered from a 10-kw generator.

Available inside cabinets are a wide assortment of air-powered items, including a 250-gpm sump pump, a 12inch, 1,500-rpm, 3 3/4-hp saw, a 3 1/2-inch auger and three air hammers with suitable bits. Air hammers are mounted on swing-out holders for quick, safe handling. Inline oilers are included for all air tools, which are fed by a 150-cfm compressor.

Air and electric fittings are provided to permit distribution of either power source through reeled hoses and cords.

Other equipment carried includes water vacuum units salvage covers and extra breathing apparatus.

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