The following letters from Mayor Low praising Kingsley L. Martin, assistant engineer in the department of bridges, New York city, and Battalion Chief Guerin for conspicuous bravery on the occasion of the recent fire at the Williamsburg bridge, speak for themselves:

“MR. KINGSLEY L. MARTIN, Asst. Engineer, Department of Bridges, New York City:

“SIR: Through the Commissioner of Bridges I have heard of your gallant conduct on the occasion of the fire at the Williamsburg bridge.

“It gives me much pleasure to add to the commendation already received from the commissioner the assurance of my own high appreciation of your highly creditable conduct on that occasion. Yours very truly, SETH LOW, Mayor.

“NEW YORK, November 24, 1902.”

“HON. THOMAS STURGIS, Eire Commissioner, New York City:

“SIR : From the Commissioner of Bridges I have received formal information of the gallant conduct of the Fire Department on the occasion of the fire at the Manhattan end of the Williamsburg bridge, and especially of the highly meritorious conduct of Chief Guerin and of the men who went with him on the burning bridge tower.

“I shall be obliged if you will signify to Chief Guerin, and those who went with him on the tower, my high appreciation of their courage and skill on this occasion. Yours very truly,

“SETH Low, Mayor.

“NEW YORK, November 24. 1902.“

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