Praises Firemen for Work at Governors’ Island

Praises Firemen for Work at Governors’ Island

Fire Commissioner John J. Dorman of New York has made public, letters of commendation by Brigadier General H. A. Drum, Commander of the Second Corps Area, and Col. Edward Croft, commanding the 16th Infantry, both stationed at Governors’ Island, in which they express their appreciation of the services rendered by the New York Fire Department in extinguishing a fire in four of thirty barracks on the Island on the evening of January 5th last.

General Drum’s letter was written to Mayor James J. Walker and Col. Croft’s letter was sent to Commissioner Dorman. Gen. Drum in expressing his thanks, said in part—“The excellent spirit of cooperation manifested on this occasion and the highly efficient services rendered by the fire department are commendable. The attainment of such excellent state of efficiency could only result from continued effort and constant supervision.”

Col. Croft wrote: “I desire to express my appreciation of the splendid personal services and cooperation rendered to us on this occasion by Fire Chief John Kenlon, Deputy Chief John J. McElligott, Honorary Deputy Chief Robert H. Mainzer, Lieut. Edward Fox, Lieut. W. A. Frazer, Capt. Walter Clark. Capt. J. J. Monaghan, Lieut. W. H. Breen, Capt. Wm. T. Beck and Lieut. Lewis E. Parsons of Fire Patrol No. 1.”

The fire did $250,000 damage and for a time it threatened every building on the military reservation. It required the combined efforts of two fireboats, four engine companies, one truck company and the fire patrol to subdue the flames. The fire was actually fought under the personal direction of Deputy Chief McElligott of the Marine Division, stationed at the Battery.

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