MSA (Mine Safety Appliances Co.): Combines features of advanced, air-supplied respirator with those of emergency-escape device. Fifteen-minute auxiliary air supply. Features twin-cylinder side pack. Provides as much as three times more air than conventional five-minute emergency-escape devices. Can be used for entry and emergency escape without voiding NIOSH approval of device. Low-profile, compact design of cylinder pack allows easy access to and from tight spaces. Can be connected to a continuous supply of Type-C respirable air for longer duration work inside a confined space. Maintains wide air-supply pressure range of 60-100 psig, with flow rates of 375 liters per minute in cylinder and continuous-supply modes. Cylinders bracketed in flexible mounting system that evenly distributes weight. Weighs less than 15 pounds even when cylinders are fully pressurized (to up to 3,000 psig). First-stage regulator responds quickly to wearer`s changing breathing demands. Low-pressure warning alarm. Equipped with Ultra EliteTM facepiece, which offers broad field of vision and incorporates latest in computer-aided design, laser modeling, and testing. Can be upgraded to advanced PremAire Respirator System–a full-face, pressure-demand, supplied air respirator that provides 16 respirator configurations. (800) MSA-2222.

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